What is SSL and why do I need it?


SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an Internet protocol for exchanging information between your web browser and a web server, securely via encryption. For example, if you do online banking you will note when connecting to your bank’s website that at the top of your browser the URL will have a “https://” prefix instead of “http://” . The extra “s” indicates that the transmission of your banking data has been secured by SSL.

As a user of a banking service you do not have to do anything special to ensure your connection is secure. It is the responsibility of the bank to ensure this happens and it happens automatically.

What about my Website?

If you are a website owner, do you need to deploy SSL? A few years ago the answer was simply: if you are not acquiring sensitive information (credit card numbers for example), you do not need SSL for your website. However, things have changed. SSL has become a default for all websites and if you are operating your website for your business you should implement SSL. For most, this is not a trivial task and you will need help to do this.

The bottom line is, yes you need to implement SSL if you are running a business and using your website for promotion. It becomes even more important if you are operating a eCommerce site.




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