WordPress is an excellent eCommerce platform.

There are three types of eCommerce that are commonly implemented via a website.

  1. Tangible goods
  2. Digital (downloadable) goods
  3. Membership services (restricted content).

For each of these forms of eCommerce you will need to have a payment gateway integrated with your site. The most popular gateways are Paypal and Stripe. These gateways allow you to receive payment via a credit card or an account setup with the payment gateway. Payment gateways will take a piece of each transaction (like a credit card). For Canadian merchants using Paypal or Stripe the charge is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction (as of June/2017).

For the specific types of eCommerce noted above, each can be provided by a particular WordPress plugin. ¬†Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Tangible Goods

To operate an online retail store you will need to be able to provide a catalog of products, allow users to select and pay for their items and provide shipping or information for local pickup. Shipping costs can be adjusted automatically based on size of the order and location of the customer. Online stores are the most complex form of eCommerce since you must ship a physical product and be able to respond to customer service requests such as returns and refunds.

Digital Goods

The most common form of digital goods are eBooks and can be sold via a website which allows for immediate download. This form of eCommerce can be mostly unattended as the order fulfillment occurs automatically.

Membership services

This is a specialized service, in which users pay via subscription for access to website content that is only available to paid subscribers. This kind of service is normally provided by vendors offering opinions or advice via the web.

All of the above eCommerce modalities can be handled very well by WordPress. Contact us for more information.