About WordPress

WordPress is a platform for deploying a website. There are nearly 75 million websites currently using wordpress!
Wordpress started out it’s life as a platform for bloggers, but in recent years has been extended to cover many additional capabilities. It is a good website choice for:

  • General purpose websites
    • Web-presence is essential for all business and professional services. If you don’t have a web presence, potential clients or customers may make unflattering assumptions about your readiness to do business. Your website is a validation piece for your business. Make sure it tells potential customers and clients who you are and what you do.
  • eCommerce sites for downloadable or shippable products
    • Online commerce is a very efficient way of selling, since overheads are much lower than for bricks and mortar stores. Your online store can become an adjunct to a retail store, or the primary goto place for your products and services. We can help you get started.
  • Community based websites
    • Stay in touch with your community. Allow others in the community to exchange information etc.
  • Multi-author sites (eg. online newspapers)
    • Online publishing has superseded print media. Consider this as your primary way of sharing articles and media for the public. Being an author is a good way to establish your expertise in a particular field.
  • Multimedia based sites for images and video
    • You can share multimedia from other sites (eg. Youtube, Vimeo) on your site to provide additional or primary engagement with your potential clients.
  • Event calendars and schedules
    • Provide calendaring and scheduling for your demographic.
The key to the success of WordPress is that it is an open source platform which is templatable (themeable) and highly extensible.
Wordpress themes, which define the look and feel of your website, can be purchased for a modest cost or they can be custom designed.
Because WordPress is an extensible platform it can be readily adapted to the particular requirements of your business.